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Welcome to our shop! Here you will find products related to Basic Brewing Radio™ and Basic Brewing Video™. Your purchase here will help us to continue to spread the word of homebrewing throughout the world.

For a limited time, buy any of our DVD Combos and get a Bottle Opener FREE!

It's a Rainbow of Beer Goodness!

Our friend, award-winning artist and excellent homebrewer Kasey Loman, has designed an excellent graphic to adorn our latest shirt: the Brewing Rainbow. It depicts a variety of beer styles. From carboy to appropriate glass, the spectrum of colors will dazzle your beer-loving friends.

Also makes a great gift!

Meet the Basic Brewing™ Silicone Pint!

It's silicone, so it's unbreakable, bendable, and safe to take camping or out on the patio or poolside.

If you don't want to trust your tipsy uncle with one of your collectible glass pints, hand him one of these.

Check out our Basic Brewing™ Bottle Opener!

The drudgery of opening bottles is no more. Our bottle opener has a clever device inside that pulls off the cap with one swift motion. Then, a magnet holds onto your cap to keep it from skittering embarrassingly across the kitchen counter surface.

Impress your friends with your taste in podcasts at the same time you amaze them with your bottle opening skills. It's the utmost in homebrewing and craft beer loving efficiency.

The Logbooks Are Here!
Our Brewer's Logbook lets you log and track fifty batches of homebrew through an entire year. This year, we've taken a different approach, including twelve blank calendar months to allow you to start your brewing year whenever you want. Also, we've included a table of contents on the inside cover to help you locate your recipes more easily.

Makes a great gift for your favorite homebrewer (or yourself)!

Extract Brewing and Partial Mashing DVD
If you're wanting to get into brewing for the first time or you want to enhance your basic extract brewing, this DVD is for you. We'll cover the basics of extract brewing and introduce you to advanced techniques like partial mashing, making yeast starters, and growing your own hops at home.

"Reinheitsgebot is a four letter word" T-shirts

Rein-what? The Reinheitsgebot was the German beer purity law from the 1500s restricting brewers to the ingredients of barley, water, and hops (before they knew the role yeast played). These days, brewers are choosing many ingredients to bring creativity and flavor to their brews. Our shirt, designed by award-winning artist Kasey Loman, pays tribute to brewing freedom.

Introduction to Wine KitsWe are venturing into wine with our Basic Winemaking™ Introduction to Wine Kits DVD.

We now have Basic Brewing T-Shirts in colors (other than white, that is - we know white is a color). :-)


Check out our Low-Tech Lagering and Decoction Mashing DVD.

Of course, we still have our Stepping into All Grain DVD. And, shirts and hats to help spread the word about our podcasts and home brewing in general.

Check back for more products soon. Thanks for your support!

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