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An easy and convenient way to record your brewing history.

James Spencer and Steve Wilkes came up with the idea for this Brewer’s Logbook after commiserating that most of their prized recipes were scribbled on scraps of paper here and there, and they were hard to dig up when they needed to make another batch of tasty brew.

On the inside cover of the book is a table of contents that will allow you to list your brews as you brew them. No more thumbing through an entire Logbook to find your favorite recipes.

Section one is twelve blank calendar months in a two-page format. Use these pages to make a quick note when each batch is brewed, racked and bottled or kegged. Brewers who lager beer can easily keep track of temperature changes over time. And, since the calendars are blank, you can start your brewing year at any time.

The second section is where the details of each batch are lined out. You can enter all of your ingredients and the specifics of each step in your process. This is the key to repeatability. When you brew a beer you really like, you can come back to your brew day session page and see exactly how you did it.

Even for those who use a computer program to design their beers, this book will be an excellent tool to keep beside the kettle while brewing. The Logbook measures 8.5″ x 6″, including the spiral binding. It contains 127 pages and enough room for up to 50 batches. Makes a great gift for your favorite home brewer!

“My wife bought me the 2012 Brewer’s Logbook for my birthday back in May (with help from a couple subtle hints…), and I must say this is now my favorite piece of brewing equipment! I have already transferred all my logs and notes from random scraps of paper and online logs and will never need to take the wife’s Mac near my brew kettle again! Thanks for the wonderful show and great products!” Andrew, from Crystal Lake IL

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