Testimonials for "Stepping into All Grain"

Thanks in large part to the Basic Brewing DVDs, I brewed my first all grain batch today. Not only did I hit my target of 5 gallons after the boil, but I also hit 1.051 OG from a target OG of 1.049. I was very pleased it came out so well the first time around. Again, thank you!

I just purchased and watched the Stepping into All Grain DVD, and I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. A fellow brewer and I enjoyed watching the DVD many times so far, and we are properly poised to jump - step - into all grain brewing now. Thank you for the DVD and your wonderful podcasts!

I've been wanting to get into all grain brewing, but I was a little lost with some of the terminology and different methods - that was until I got your DVD. Right now I'm piecing together my all grain system and hope to brew my first batch within the next week or two.

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the all-grain DVD I recently received. I've been doing all grain brews for a while now, but I figured it never hurts to see how others do it. I bet you'll be getting some orders from friends of mine who'll want their own educational companion! Thanks for providing such great information in your podcasts and DVDs. It's a great service to the homebrewing community.
Rhode Island

Now that I have had the chance to watch it, I can say with no uncertainty that you have done a wonderful job! I loved every minute of it. I already knew a lot of the basic ideas from all the reading I've been doing (I am a nut when it comes to researching stuff!), but the opportunity to watch the process in action is invaluable. And for anyone who doesn't know the first thing about the all-grain process, they will learn everything there is to know about making the move!

Just thought I would let you know that the DVDs and the T-shirt arrived safe and sound in the UK this morning (Saturday), and that I am over the moon with them. I have watched most of both discs already and think they are the dog's wotsits, which means rather good, in case you are not sure. I am of the opinion after watching them and listening to your radio casts that you seem to quite enjoy yourself whist doing them, maybe getting some help from a little liquid refreshment along the way.
United Kingdom

Thanks for the all grain DVD. Since receiving it, I've watched it many times and feel I have a better understanding of the process of all-grain brewing, including the batch sparging method that I had not heard of before. Nice to know that there are different ways to achieve the same results.

I just wanted to thank you and Steve for helping me and my brew buddies get started with our first all-grain batch. We brewed an American wheat (clone of Gumballhead by Three Floyds - one of our summer favorites), and the process went well and was lots of fun. The all-grain video was quite helpful in understanding the process.

Well, I've watched and re-watched your DVD, and it's fantastic. I jumped into all grain on my own with only a few books to guide me, and my first efforts were disastrous. Then I listened to your podcasts on all-grain, and the results are just about finished now - and I have more hope for them - but I went about it in a way so badly (in light of the DVD) that my brew day was over ten hours. Just watching you go through the process has taught me so much I could have never learned on my own. I'm so excited about the process that you demonstrated that I think I'll brew again this weekend.

I can say I really did enjoy the DVD, and it did do a great job of demystifying and making the jump to, if only an occasional batch, all-grain seem reasonable and less scary. Everything was well explained, and I liked the multiple paths you could take through the DVD dependant upon several methods. What really works for me, and with your DVD, is the visual aspect. Reading something, or even hearing a podcast, is great but 'seeing' the process feels like you are learning from a friend. A trusted mentor.

I finished watching the new DVD the other day, and I must say that I think it is very good. I really like the 'choose your own path' navigation on the disc. I have never really seen anything like that, but it works really well for this subject. I have read a lot about all-grain brewing lately, and it does seem a little intimidating at first, but actually watching you and Steve do it, it doesn't look that hard after all. I think that as soon as spring rolls around and I can use the propane burner outside, I'll give it a try.

Overall, I think as a 'basic brewing' introduction to all grain brewing I think you met your objective perfectly. I think the video is excellent, and consequently I am in the process of gathering my additional equipment as the video erased any reservations of all grain brewing.

All in all, it's excellent, and I'll be recommending the finished product to another brewing friend of mine. I might even just buy him a copy for his birthday. It's also inspired me to leap into all-grain for the first time myself. I've been busy wrecking... erm... modifying a chilly bin (what you call a picnic cooler, and the Australians call an "esky") for the purpose. Thanks for the motivation.

I have subscribed to your podcast since the beginning, and it is one of my favorites. I am a beginning brewer (5 batches), and I have been thinking about moving to all grain. I just received your all grain DVD, and I am impressed. Good job! I'm going to order your first DVD. It will really help me explain the extract brewing process to all my buddies who want to start brewing. Keep up the good work, and I really enjoy your podcast.

I was able to watch your DVD on all-grain brewing over the weekend. It was everything I had hoped for - a straight-forward, easy to understand, step by step run through of grain brewing. Bravo!

Thanks for a wonderful production. This is a great video that lets you actually see the steps take place. I have actually been all grain brewing for about 5 years now, but it's always nice to see how others do it. This is something that I will definitely recommend to my fellow brewers. I really like how you guys split up the mash and sparging processes. I've always done infusion mashes and fly sparges, but this helps by actually seeing and talking through the step mash and batch sparge.

I watched the new DVD last night. It is another excellent DVD. I have never tried all grain brewing before, but after watching the video I am definitely going to give it a try. I have read about all grain brewing before, and it just seemed like too much trouble. After watching the DVD, the process seems easier that what I had read about.

I recently purchased your all-grain instructional DVD. I wish that it would have been around when I started doing all grain brews. I feel that this video would have done a lot to take away the anxiety, which I'm sure we've all experienced, out of the entire process. You've also done a remarkable job explaining the mash process. I'm sure that some people out there are visual learners and would benefit greatly from having brewing material presented in this fashion.

Your presentation certainly is clear and professional. I really enjoyed it. I've probably consulted dozens of books and articles over the years in anticipation of a first attempt at an all grain brew. Watching two other hobbyists walking through the process and offering clear instruction is just the kind of inspiration many of us extract brewers need to make that next step.

I received the all grain brewing DVD today and had to watch it immediately! It is an informative and entertaining DVD. It covers several approaches to some of the steps in all grain brewing, which makes it a very valuable information source that you can return to when you want to evolve your brewing technique. Again a great job!